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My name is Brandi and I’m the owner + creator + photographer of Captured Moments by Brandi Photography located in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am a daughter, sister, dog-mom & daughter of Christ who loves me for my perfectly imperfect self. I’ve also got an amazing family and group of friends that enjoy life and don’t judge me for being my goofy quirky self.


• I LOVE: my dog Charlie, traveling, football, flip-flops, boots, sweet tea, throwing parties, mud, the beach, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, 80’s music.

• My biggest FEARS are: Crickets, spiders, and wet paper. ( Strange, I know)

• I look FORWARD to one day: traveling to exotic islands, sky-diving, and owning a Harley.

• Currently I’m LEARNING to: play guitar, and how to not kill my plant on balcony

Am I the Photographer for you? Let’s see…….

My style is fun, personal, and unique. Don’t feel comfortable with all of those stiff poses? Great. I keep those to a minimum.

Do you want to be laughing throughout your session? Awesome. That’s exactly what I aim to do!

Movement. I love images where you can see motion; I love seeing LIFE in my images. I don't want you to just stand there and smile! I want you to laugh, hug, spin, dance, forget that I am there and just be! Kiss her, dance with her, throw your head back and laugh. Do it!

Details. Eyelashes, the freckles, wrinkles, the birds, the dew on the grass, the sneaky hugs, the crying baby, the dog looking at you with “that look”. To me, that is what photography is. Looking beyond the obvious and catching the memory, freezing that moment in time! So, if you like those types of details, I might be your photographer.

If you’re looking for a photographer who does primarily posed photos, I’m probably not the gal for you. And that’s OK! At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy your photos for years to come.

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